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Many lessons learned at the local five and dimes

May 17, 2017 In my long-ago childhood, only the downtown sections of the city held true department stores. Out in the suburbs, where most of us lived, clusters of small stores served the needs of the communit. more »»

More paintings, drawings and names in the mystery room

May 17, 2017 Well, it seems that the mystery room is of interest to my readers… but the Westfield Historian is still hoping that some of these names will trigger some memories and provide some more clues or lead... more »»

Another bit of magic is disappearing

May 16, 2017 For almost 150 years, “kids of all ages” have thrilled to the wonderful world of the circus. The wholesome family fun has been a favorite part of the American entertainment scene since the mid 1800. more »»


May 16, 2017 While researching the mysterious upstairs room at 42 North Portage, some possibly related discoveries were unearthed using names written under the white-washed walls and on the mystery paintings. more »»

Chance meeting sparks driving nostalgia

May 1, 2017 I saw my friend Ann at the grocery recently. With a mixture of pride and fear, she reported that her grandson had just gotten that coming-of-age document, his learner’s permit. more »»

The times, they are a ‘changin’

April 5, 2017 Many years ago, an annual highlight of life for my family was the arrival of the heavy, treasure-filled Sears-Roebuck catalog. more »»

Multiple choice in the Land of Plenty

March 29, 2017 When you take a long look back over your life, you realize everything has been determined by the choices you’ve made along the wa. more »»

The annual push is almost here

March 22, 2017 The fastidious among us are looking forward a few weeks and are already gathering their supplies. But procrastinators like me are trying to postpone the inevitable. more »»

Robots: The future is here today

March 18, 2017 Remember when the cartoon series, The Jetsons, took us along on its weekly animated visit to the space-age home of tomorrow? All those push-button conveniences looked too good to be true. more »»

I read it in the newspapers

March 1, 2017 Lately, we’ve been bombarded by flash after flash of what President Trump calls “false news.” Often the administration itself tries to contradict the fake stuff by coming up with “alternative facts. more »»

Calendar confusion is becoming chronic

February 16, 2017 This week we celebrated that day of love and chocolate known as Valentine’s Day. At least that’s what the calendar told us. more »»

I’ll take Mondays

February 8, 2017 Those of the optimistic persuasion look at each day as an opportunity. Monday through Sunday seem to hold possibilities large and small. more »»

News of my change of fortune came by mail

February 1, 2017 I picked up the mail that morning and quickly scanned it to see if there was anything of interest. more »»

The two “Cs” that rule my life

January 25, 2017 Here in “rehab” land, those of us who are temporarily confined to bed or a wheelchair, have little control over the slowly moving hours and days of our lives. more »»

Not the Christmas I planned

December 21, 2016 There are times in life when you hear news that you simply say, “Oh, that just can’t be! “ Last week, I was a part of one of those “can’t be” events. more »»

Today’s version of window shopping

November 30, 2016 For weeks, brightly colored Christmas catalogs have been filling my mailbox. more »»


November 16, 2016 Often it is hard to find the original source documents to verify historical legends and pictures, and, even then, to determine whether or not they are truly original. more »»

Memories of ‘putting food by’

November 16, 2016 Not long ago, as I walked through a hardware store, I stopped short in front of a display. more »»

Former YWCA members speak out

November 16, 2016 We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Westfield Community for allowing us the privilege of working with the youth and families over the past several years at YWCA of Westfield Child... more »»


November 2, 2016 It is taking a bit longer to research some of the outlying beaches along the Lake Erie shores of the Town of Westfield than anticipated. more »»

Tooth extraction: then and now

November 2, 2016 Remember those long ago days when pulling a tooth required only a piece of string and a doorkno. more »»



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