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Summertime treats — old fashioned ice cream parlors and soda fountains

August 13, 2015 So, which came first — Ice cream parlors or soda fountains? Why were soda fountains usually found in drug stores? Which ice cream parlor or soda fountain was the first one in Westfield? Since... more »»

Mice vs. the cowboy mousetrap

August 6, 2015 Many years ago, we built a home in the woods in Findley Lake. We soon discovered we had a large number of neighbors, all of the wildlife variety. more »»

Memories of Midsummer Nights and Pergola Garden Dreams

August 6, 2015 A recent photo-postcard of the Pergola from the rear of the Patterson Library, posted on Greater Things About Westfield NY Facebook site, prompted a flurry of memories from viewers about scout... more »»

Moseyin’ Along

July 30, 2015 On a recent warm and breezy night, I was suddenly startled from deep sleep by a dazzling flash of light. I caught my breath and lay still, not quite awake, wondering and listening. more »»

Moseyin’ Along

July 23, 2015 Do you remember those soft summer nights when we were kids, when we’d stretch out on the lawn and gaze in awe at the star show above us? From time to time, we’d be dazzled by a shooting star,... more »»

Moseyin’ Along

July 16, 2015 Like most folks, I sometimes fall into a “poor me” pattern of thinking. Somehow, instead of looking at the sun shining in the sky, I magnify every cloud above me. more »»


July 16, 2015 By Marybelle Beigh Westfield Historian With all the drought along the entire west coast of this country and up into Canada, there have been a plethora of wildfires and forest fires sending smoke and... more »»

Moseyin’ Along

July 9, 2015 While browsing the web the other day, I came across a web site for that amazing product found in every home, duct tape. more »»


July 9, 2015 By Marybelle Beigh Westfield Historian The Westfield Firemen’s Annual Ox-Roast in July has a long tradition at Ottaway Park! But do you know when it started? Ox Roasts have been a staple for summer... more »»


July 2, 2015 By Marybelle Beigh Westfield Historian You’d think this would be a “no-brainer” to research and write - right? WRONG!!! So after several nearly-fruitless attempts to locate historic celebrations of... more »»

The day my ship came in

July 2, 2015 I picked up the mail that morning and scanned it quickly to see if there was anything of interest. more »»

Edgewater announces upcoming open house

July 2, 2015 The Edgewater Experience…Blue water, painted sunsets, a waterfall and acres of hills, vineyards and streams ... you’ve arrived at Edgewater Condominium. more »»

Moseyin’ Along

June 25, 2015 Rushing into adulthood During the recent coverage of graduations across the country, one memorable ceremony caught my attention. more »»

Moseyin’ Along

June 18, 2015 In recent years, research studies have resulted in new cancer medications, progress in mapping the human genome and improvements in water purification techniques. more »»

Chautauqua Preview 2015 to appear on Access Channel 5

June 18, 2015 Chautauqua Preview 2015 will air on Access Channel 5 at 3:00 and 9:00 PM each day beginning June 20 with the last airing on June 26. The program was produced by PBS affiliate WNED in Buffalo. more »»


June 18, 2015 Did you ever hear of the Silver Dew Bottling Works? By Marybelle Beigh Westfield Historian Time out for a break in the ongoing search for the history of 44 East Main Street! Hours were spent... more »»

A railway vacation to remember

June 11, 2015 Last week, son Tim and I visited our long-time friends, Sally and Dick. While the couple provided the coffee, Tim and I supplied the donuts, the ideal combination for a morning of catching up. more »»

So What Happened at 44 East Main Street?

June 11, 2015 By Marybelle Beigh Westfield Historian Trying to track down names of local businesses and proprietors, as well as when and where they were located is a lot harder than one might suspect. more »»

Moseyin’ Along

June 4, 2015 Among the many important tools in a writer’s toolbox, none is more vital than curiosity. more »»


June 4, 2015 By Marybelle Beigh Westfield Historian One of the late (and former historian) Billie Dibble’s early Dibble’s Dabbles, from August 11, 1983, “Tew’s second hand store” popped into mind as I commented... more »»



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