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A scent-a-mental season

December 12, 2014 The holiday season is filled with a heartwarming collection of traditional sights and sounds. more »»

Remembering seasonal traditions

December 4, 2014 Last week, son Tim and I were part of a gathering of the Florida branch of the family. The Querrevelds… daughter Becky, son-in-law Randy and my priceless grandson and granddaughter, Ryan and Rachel.. more »»

The hardest state to find

November 25, 2014 Contentment, according to Mr. Webster, is the state of being satisfied. But here in the land of plenty, where “multiple-choice” rules our lives, contentment may be the most elusive state of all. more »»

Society’s fascination with fame

November 3, 2014 Do you remember those long-ago days when the world actually made sense? When us common folk looked up to individuals whose accomplishments we admired and whose actions we could applaud? There were... more »»

One thing at a time

October 9, 2014 The television reporter stood in front of a mangled pile of debris that had once been a shiny new Toyota. more »»

Two views of ‘Riding the Rails’

October 2, 2014 Our former neighbors and forever friends, Sally and Dick, recently returned from an out-of-the-ordinary adventure. They traveled up the east coast and back home by train. more »»

Is this the final chapter?

September 25, 2014 The date was August 18, 1985. Excited crowds stood three deep along the north edge of Chautauqua Lake just to be a part of this historic event. more »»

The future is coming at warp speed

September 18, 2014 I received a surprise e-mail today inviting me to buy the newest “must have” on the market. It’s Apple’s latest development, the iPhone 6. more »»

A title worth celebrating

September 11, 2014 Last Sunday, I had the joy of marking National Grandparents Day for the twenty-third time. Some grandparents have a dozen or more grandchildren. We were blessed with two. more »»

It’s more than just a name

September 11, 2014 By Jay T. Stratton Let’s call our attention to the sources of our local place names and the categories we can see in them. more »»

Random notes from a writer’s pocket

August 30, 2014 In my world, every pocket, purse and drawer hides bits of paper with ideas, nuggets of information and quotations that may one day be turned into a piece of writin. more »»

The name game in the music world

August 21, 2014 In the long-ago days of my youth, musical acts had names that related to their members. more »»

The grocery shopping scene

August 14, 2014 Through the years, a number of widely traveled friends have told us stories of how different life is in other countries. One of the contrasts is in the area of grocery shoppin. more »»

You know you’re from Chautauqua County when...

August 7, 2014 In recent years, there has been an explosion of humor-based lists defining groups of people who share common interests or backgrounds. more »»

The gift that still amazes

July 31, 2014 I’ve long been convinced that God gives each of us a special gift as part of our lifetime makeup. more »»

Memories of the old clothesline

July 24, 2014 Last week, I received an e-mail that opened a flood-gate of sweet memories. The message, from my sister-in-law, Vera, focused on that family staple of yesterday, the clothesline. more »»

A super version of the full moon

July 17, 2014 Last Saturday, July 12, Mother Nature treated us to a special show when she hung the “Super” moon in the night sky. I hope you had the chance to see it. more »»

Coming attractions on the July Calendar

July 10, 2014 Are you one of those folks who think July is all about the Fourth? Do you find yourself feeling the month goes downhill from there? The fireworks that painted the sky with their bursts of glory... more »»

So you wanna be a writer

July 3, 2014 An acquaintance approached me recently at a gathering and said, “I understand you’re a writer. I always wanted to write. So what do I have to do?” The question took me by surprise. more »»

Youngsters are taking over

June 28, 2014 As I cleared the table after supper, I listened to the evening news on television. The woman being interviewed had impressive credentials in the business world. more »»



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