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North Harmony Senior Citizens, Inc. holds December meeting

January 11, 2017
Westfield Republican

Well, the snow has not stopped dropping its marvelous substance. The squirrel cannot decide what season it is. The home owner is using his snow blower and grass cutter. The question to senior citizens is whether or not there really is global warming. None of these things can prevent the fifty three North Harmony Seniors from attending the 2016 Christmas dinner on December 19, 2016.

The hosts committee: Marty LaFredo, Barb Price and Phyllis Hulig served the pot luck cuisine. Carol Bergman provided the celebrant cake. Many Christmas cookies, cakes, pies and homemade candies were placed, for the eatable enjoyment, on the dessert table.

Birthday celebrants: Sandy Cheney, Ronda Hatfield and Carol Bergman were serenaded with a flat tone "Happy Birthday medley". No one got married in December of any year to be noted.

The monthly meeting format found minutes, financial reports and other committee reports in their usual approved order. A motion was made to suspend rules to appoint two potential officers. New assistant treasurer and second vice-president offices had to be filled. Motion passed.

The slate of officers was presented for member approval: Earl Ferry, President; Sally Carlson, First Vice President; Hal Wiggers, second Vice President; Norm Czubaj, Secretary; Anita Ferry, Treasurer; Karen Brooks, Assistant Treasurer. Motion was passed to approve. Yeas carried. They will be sworn in at the January meeting.

President Ferry reappointed the committee chairs: Gordon Saulsgiver, Chaplain; Pat Saulsgiver, Sunshine Committee; Izetta Ayling, Membership; Paul Holthouse, Arts and Crafts; Steve Saulsgiver, Travel and Edna Brown, Memorials; Senior Council, Ellen Coffaro and Carol Bergman, Programs.

The Board of Directors were continued in Office: Earl Ferry, Sally Carlson, Anita Ferry, Charles Krause, Will Ortman, Norm Czubaj and Mac McNeill.

President Ferry had members provide information in various matters.

Steve Saulsgiver described the upcoming trip to the Creator Museum in Cincinnati, Ohio. It would be from May 2 to 4, 2017 at a cost of $549 per person.

Pat Saulsgiver told members that she sent out 39 cards to members that have been unable to attend meetings and club events. She read some card comments from cards received from members who were the recipients of said cards.

President Ferry reminded everyone about paying club dues for 2017. If a member is eighty years of age or older, they are life nonpaying dues members.

Marty La Fredo, who did the table decorations, told members that each table had a decorated Christmas mug filled with candy. This would be a gift for the person selecting the highest numbers from cards passed out. The process produced six winners.

Marty was thanked for her wonderful ideas and place settings.

President Ferry closed the meeting at 7:49 PM and Gordon Saulsgiver concluded with a closing prayer.

The next dinner meeting and pot luck supper will be on January 16, 2017 at 6PM. It will be held at the club center on Stow Road, in Stow, Ohio.



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